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13th Annual
Dale Dykema Lifetime Achievement Award Gala

SEPTEMBER, 30th 2023

Welcome to the Hispanic 100

In 2005, an accomplished group of Hispanic leaders in Orange County, California banded together to form the Hispanic 100 organization. Their intention was to serve as a credible and impactful voice for the Latino community by generating an organized effort to create leadership and success from within the Hispanic population.

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Looking to become a mentor or mentee? Need info about upcoming events?  Visit our foundation

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Learn more about our pacs, see what we do, learn how to get involved

hispanic 100

Learn more about our policy committee, see what we do, learn how to get involved

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Get Involved

The Hispanic 100 organization is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the Hispanic community, and will continue to employ our instrumental sectors in a strategic effort to maximize a successful outcome, communally, philanthropically, and politically.

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