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About Hispanic 100

In 2005, an accomplished group of Hispanic leaders in Orange County,
California banded together to form the Hispanic 100 organization. Their intention was to serve as a credible and impactful voice for the Latino community by generating an organized effort to create leadership and success from within the Hispanic population.

Subsequently, the Hispanic 100 Policy Committee was established to develop and promote leadership within and from the Hispanic community, and to advance free-enterprise principles through advocacy and educational activities that impact the Hispanic population as it relates to the overall social and economic good.

The Hispanic 100 Policy Committee was designed to create unrestricted positions on a wide variety of public policy issues important within the community. Such issues include education, immigration, economic development, etc. After successful implementation and an effective expansion, the organization extended their efforts to further their outreach on additional levels.

What began as a singular entity has expanded into a multi-sector organization, each independently successful and influential within the community. In addition to the Policy Committee, these expansion sectors now include the Foundation, State PAC, Federal PAC, and Super PAC. This expansion has broadened our stimulus not only within policy-related issues, but now also includes philanthropic and political influence.

It is within these five distinctive and instrumental sectors that the Hispanic 100 organization is afforded the sovereignty to maintain their authority and credibility on a National level that allows us to expand on the following key ideologies;



Hispanic 100 seeks to identify and develop the next generation of Hispanic leaders who are committed to upholding the democratic ideals
and pro-growth policies that foster opportunities for all Americans. We will assist future leaders to prepare for roles in public service by providing mentoring, training, and networking assistance.



Our immediate priorities center on fighting for sound economic
strategies that create jobs. As such, we will focus on the impact of tax policy, regulation, and healthcare reform on Hispanic owned businesses and provide educational materials on these issues. We will zealously advocate for fiscal responsibility and greater economic freedom and we will identify and stand with those in government, or seeking public office, we demonstrate commitment to these principals.



The organization will facilitate position papers on issues that affect
the Hispanic population with a specific emphasis on economic policy, government regulation, healthcare, and national security. The purpose is to provide an objective perspective on the impact of these matters on Hispanics as an important factor in policy decisions that affect our state and our nation. We will work to educate Hispanic business owners on these issues and will actively support policies we believe are critical to the collective prosperity and safety of all citizens.

The Hispanic 100 organization is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the Hispanic community, and will continue to employ our instrumental sectors in a strategic effort to maximize a successful outcome, communally, philanthropically, and politically.

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